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South Jersey (Philly, PA area) - 2020 VN PP in PB


New Member
Runnemede, NJ, USA
What I Drive
2020 Veloster N Performance Pack
Hello to the Mid Atlantic!

I appear to be the first to post in this section :eek:. Hope that's only temporary! ;)
I am a long time Veloster owner who works in I.T for a living :geek:. I'm 43, married and have two kids (6 & 11). I previously had a 2014 R-Spec in Bright Blue and a 2017 Turbo in Vitamin-C (didn't like the darker blue that year).

Nov. 13th 2019 I picked up what I waited 6 months to get exactly as I wanted it... a 2020 Veloster N w/Performance Pack in Performance Blue. (Patience is a virtue :cool:)

Got some mods already on order :devilish: - nothing major and may be all I do besides a mild tune some day :whistle:.
Turbo XS Hybrid BOV
Boomba Racing Rear Motor Mount
Boomba Racing Short Shifter, Shift Bushings & Transmission Bushings
Pipercross PX1999 Performance Filter

Here she is, at the dealership the night I picked her up next to my former ride, The Tangerine Dream. :love::love::love:

Glen Arm, MD, USA
What I Drive
2020 Veloster N / PP
Wow! Sleepy thread... I just purchased a 2020 VN/PP (performance blue). I’ve been shopping for a while and my son turned me on to this car. After watching tons and tons of Youtube and reading articles, I decided to test drive one. I was giddy! What a fun car!!! And for the price, it made it such a smart decision for me. I initially wanted the chalk white and hated the blue... Something changed. I became obsessed with the blue. Shout out to Jones Junction Hyundai In Belair, Maryland. I told them my first choice was blue, but I’d settle for the white because I knew blue was impossible to get around here. My new best buddy, Miss Jennifer from Jones Junction Hyundai, found me a Performance Blue N with the PP in another state. They picked it up and brought it to Maryland! She (the car) is mine now! I expect (and have already) to take some heat for this paint choice. I just don’t care. PB is the way to go! Anyway... if you see me in Maryland, give me a wave. I’m probably the ONLY VN/PP with a yellow Maryland license plate. Drive safe. Have fun. Let that exhaust POP!!!!